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The group has diversified their portfolio further by venturing into furnishing industry with Ravi Blinds and Damco Kitchens, both operating out of Melbourne, Australia.

Damco Kitchens

Kitchen 10.jpeg

Damco Kitchens is a customer centric renovations company which specialises in making new and renovating old kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms and wardrobes amongst other items. Damco Kitchens has received numerous awards for their work, designs and services, and has become one of the best companies for renovations in Melbourne, Australia. 

Ravi Blinds

Ravi Blinds is a window furnishing company that aims to provide customers with a wide choice of curtains, blinds, and shutters at a competitive price point. Ravi Blinds prides itself for the selection offered and top notch customer service. This makes Ravi Blinds the ideal choice for anyone looking to furnish their windows, and the flexibility provided enable customers to get a solution that fits their budget.

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